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Progress Update

I realize that I’ve been very bad about updating the blog. In fact, it’s so bad that I’ll probably purge all of these first few posts before moving ahead but right now this blog is just being used to update my faithful visitors of where I’m at in the site re-design process. I am 100% finished with the design and I’m just working on adding the content. Then I have to do a bit of bug squashing in older versions of Internet Explorer. As long as you’re running the latest version of your browser, and you should be, soluml.com should appear to be working to you as of this writing.

The site should be completely finished by the end of March. I have been literally working every day during the work week on this site since I last updated. It feels good to see where I’m at but not quite finished yet. Thanks for visiting and please check back again around the end of March / first week of April. I should be updating this blog regularly at that point as I finish the blog theme and start writing interesting posts.

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Ho.. Ho.. Ho.. Merry… Update?

I'm getting coal this year...Merry Christmas! This is my first post with my wordpress integration so I’m just kinda playing with it as this is my first attempt at authoring a wordpress theme. I think it’s going really well!

It isn’t live as of this moment (and it won’t be until I’m 100% finished) so in the mean time enjoy all the defaulty theme goodness. I very much look forward to being done with the designs and onto the content (and more programming ^_^), but I’m still not 100% happy with my flash designs yet (the blending effects are just too much). Once everything is up and running we should see more traffic around here.

Remember everybody, it’s not quite Christmas yet so you still have the opportunity to bump your present status up from or down to coal. I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy holiday season. I doubt I’ll be writing again on here again till the new year but I’ll be quietly pushing updates in the background. Till next time!

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Site Design Done!

Alright, the site design has been finished (in Photoshop that is). I’ll still need to rework the flash but that shouldn’t be time consuming as it’ll be simple design and performance things (BTW, is anyone else as excited as me about the upcoming flash player that supports GPU offloading? Hello Hulu via Netbook!). I will be working here for the next couple of weeks to months pushing it over. I won’t be using pre-production since there’s not really a reason too with everything being broken anyway. The blog theme will be last on the list since it’ll be the most time consuming writing the theme to work with wordpress.

Well it’s the middle of November now, hopefully we’ll have this all ready and done by January. Then I’ll be sure to start writing tutorials chronicling my exploits as a new college grad. web designer! Thanks to everyone that has visited so far and be sure to bookmark me and keep track of what’s going on around here! I apologize that the site has been in such a rough mess for the past few months. Developing a high class portfolio and going to school is a hard mix to balance.

~ Peace out… Ben

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Contact Form Working

Anyone who is interested in using the contact form can now do so. I’ve been working on it the past week and so it hasn’t functioned in actually sending me any mail but it should now do just that. Things are still coming along pretty nicely and the whole site has had an overall using jQuery. Expect more to come soon!

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Broken Blog

In case you load this site and the blog looks broken… it actually is! I’m messing around in the code and slowly converting the layout! Stay Tuned!

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New Blog Look

You may be wondering why I changed the look of the blog. Essentially I’m just going to tear this theme apart and use it’s structure to duplicate the look on the other site and it was easier to do on this sort of layout than the old one. Stay tuned for updates to the blog!

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Design Nearly Completed

The pre-production sites design is nearly completed. Which means that the look and feel of the site will be completed. After that milestone, I’ll be working on interactivity for the header and as always, making sure that the site looks identical across the supported browsers (which if you’re wondering are: IE 6-8, Firefox 2-3.5, Latest Opera, Chrome, and Safari). Those browsers cover over 95% of the market at this point so those are my targets although that’s not to say the site will not work in other browsers or older browsers as the site is coded to standards.

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Summer ’09

Alrighty, so I’ve made several changes to the pre-production site in hopes that by the end of this year I’ll be able to push it to production. I’ve added simple Geo Location based on IP, which will allow certain elements to change in the future based on local weather systems. The feed system is also fixed, which means that the site will load SO MUCH FASTER because the feeds are cached and not reloaded every time you load the page. Things are coming along well. I have a senior seminar class which, as part of the grading, requires me to turn in a portfolio so that should mean even more work done on the site. Also, updates won’t be available for awhile as I’ll be getting married here in a week and I’ll be on my honeymoon in Hawaii! WOO! So thanks for visiting soluml and I’ll catch you guys later!

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Progess Update

As you can see, progress has been coming along quite rapidly. I integrated both this blog and twitter into the homepage of the site and have finished tweaking some of the time settings. Now I have to get back to some more Graphic Design work to finish out the footer part of the site. I will try and keep you guys posted!

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New Site Construction

Hello everyone, Benjamin Solum here, I just wanted to tell you that in the next couple of months I will be tying this weblog to the new site that is under construction. Lots of things will be flushed and cleaned so that we can start clean and organized. Check back to keep up with the updates. I hope to have the new soluml site up soon.

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