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Site Design Done!

Alright, the site design has been finished (in Photoshop that is). I’ll still need to rework the flash but that shouldn’t be time consuming as it’ll be simple design and performance things (BTW, is anyone else as excited as me about the upcoming flash player that supports GPU offloading? Hello Hulu via Netbook!). I will be working here for the next couple of weeks to months pushing it over. I won’t be using pre-production since there’s not really a reason too with everything being broken anyway. The blog theme will be last on the list since it’ll be the most time consuming writing the theme to work with wordpress.

Well it’s the middle of November now, hopefully we’ll have this all ready and done by January. Then I’ll be sure to start writing tutorials chronicling my exploits as a new college grad. web designer! Thanks to everyone that has visited so far and be sure to bookmark me and keep track of what’s going on around here! I apologize that the site has been in such a rough mess for the past few months. Developing a high class portfolio and going to school is a hard mix to balance.

~ Peace out… Ben

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