How far will your web designer go for you?Standards... I don't need no stinkin' standards!! Okay..okay..just put the knife down IE...

I'm Benjamin Solum: a web designer who has been dealing with guys like this since 2003

My name is Benjamin Solum and I am an innovative web developer and creative web designer who specializes in standards-based (X)HTML, CSS and JavaScript web development and Flash programming. Each website I develop is built to be search engine friendly as well as cross-browser compatible. This ensures that your visitors will both be able to find your website and have a consistent user experience no matter how they decide to view it.

The site you are on is soluml, which is my online portfolio. Please feel free to check out my work and if you have any comments or feedback I'd love to hear from you. I don't believe that building an online presence requires compromises, you just have to find a designer who is willing to work with you. Will your web designer go that far for you?

Explore what I've done in the soluml portfolio!
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