Twitter Feed Cache and Display Application

*Disclaimer: By clicking on the image above you'll launch the application in a Shadowbox. The Shadowbox will scale the application window to fit within your screen so you may get awkward scrollbars. If this happens, try launching the application via the "Launch Live Application" link. The Twitter Cache and Display application was originally a solution for my portfolio. I intended to display the three latest Twitter posts via my Twitter Feed to give you guys little updates about what I was doing. Doing this is very straightforward and processing a RSS feed and parsing out the information that you want is a snap. There are issues with this however as anyone who has written a similar script will tell you. Essentially Twitter doesn't like you pulling the Twitter Feed from their servers every time you reload your page and access to the feed information becomes VERY flaky. In order to prevent the application from being unresponsive I developed a simple database cache. Every 30+ minutes a visitor would visit my site this app would download the RSS information and cache it in a database. Then anytime anyone visited within those 30 minutes the information would be pulled from a database on my server instead of from Twitter's servers. In the end I couldn't really fit the application into the design of the website so it's waiting patiently on the shelf until I find a use for it.

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