Fantasy Puffs Cereal Box

This cereal box was designed for the university I attended, "MidAmerica Nazarene University" in my Digital Imaging class. Our assignment was to take two or more pictures of a breakfast cereal, which a selected group photographed, and then use those images in a cereal box design. Being that the cereal ended up consisting of "fruity puffs", I decided to make my cereal box super colorful. I played around with different effects, using a Japanese Starburst in the background overlaying a picture of the dry cereal underneath and in the center of the box I used a shot of a spoon with milk and some of the cereal. After that I added a toy and some really big words to appeal to kids. This was my first attempt at a cereal box, but I really enjoyed how it turned out. The box was designed entirely in Photoshop.

  • Fantasy Puffs Cereal Box
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