uStock Website

*Disclaimer: Some features have since been removed (like the forums) as this is an older website. uStock was a site developed for the Business Professionals of America organization under the Web Development Team Competition. I did most of the web work while my fellow team members helped with the logo designs as well as the stock predictions. uStock was a site designed to track an investment portfolio of our team's choosing and present it in a graphically pleasing and artistic way. uStock also provided many other features that relate to stocks including history on the companies we are tracking, forums for immediate answers to potential clients, a search developed by our team that not only allows you to search the site, but allows you to search for stock symbols as well, and many other features that make your viewing experience as convenient as possible. We ended up placing 3rd in the national competition in Anaheim, California and while the site is dated (circa May 2005) it was one of my first major accomplishments as a web designer.

Web Design
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