Web Templates, and Web Coding, and Web Hosting...Oh My

» Web Design / Template Design

Web Design / Template DesignI've been authoring content for the web since 2003 when I first learned HTML. Since then I've learned the ins and outs of web design extensively, understanding not only client-side browsers and markup, but how they interact with the servers your sites are hosted on. I know what kind of templates and designs will work with the technology of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Not only am I knowledgeable, I have the ability to explain to you, as a client, why I've chosen the elements that are right for you. Let me share my expertise with you and lets build something remarkable that your users can use and enjoy.

» Graphic / Logo Design

Graphic / Logo DesignAs a graphic design graduate, I've worked and developed several visually oriented pieces both on and off the web. I have experience developing logos for small businesses and non-profits as well as graphic mashups for a wide array of individuals and companies. It's no secret that people are visually oriented by nature and its imperitave that the products or services you're marketing are dressed to perfection. We know your web site works, why not make it work beautifully?

» Web Development / Programming / Applications

Web Development / Programming / ApplicationsAs a computer science graduate, I'm able to perform a wide array of programming services to help your web needs reach their potential. If you're in need of a Document Object Model programmer, I can write custom JavaScript (with or without a framework) to interact with your visitors. I'm also capable of handling any server side programming that you'll require to publish your content on the web. Finally, if you're needing a Rich Internet Application, I've studied and learned both ActionScript 2 and 3 to be used in the Flash environment, allowing me to publish flash applications for your web site.

» Content Management System (CMS) / Blog

Content Management System (CMS) / BlogContent Management Systems allow you to change your web site's content on the fly. Once you login with your administrator password you'll be given access to make any changes you want to do without the help of a web programmer. I can help you implement a content management system of your choosing into the backend of your web site so you do not have to rely on a costly web programmer to make simple changes on your web site. You can choose from any of the common content management systems out there. If you're into blogging, I can also help you implement blogging software of your choosing into either your web site or as a stand alone application to use however you see fit.

» E-Commerce

E-CommerceE-Commerce web sites allow you to sell your products online to your visitors. I'll consult with you to determine the best software and payment methods for your business and then I'll custom fit your electronic store right into the theme of your web site. E-Commerce systems are a fast and secure way to get your services or products into your consumer's hands.

» Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationLooking for that elusive #1 spot on Google, Bing, or Yahoo? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a hot topic among marketers and deservedly so! It can greatly impact the number of visitors to your site. How can I help you optimize your site for search engines? After we come up with a few hit keywords you'd like to target I will look through your code and tweak things here and there to ensure that your site is best suited to be crawled through by search engines. I can do SEO on any of the sites I've designed for you and in addition to that I can do SEO on any pre-existing site. SEO is by no means a magical solution. It is a science and an art. But if I can't get you results than you won't pay me for them, so what do you have to lose?

» Web Hosting

Web HostingMany times when a client has a web site built, they'll need a place to host it so it can be seen online. If you're looking to host your web site with a webhost, it can be a daunting task to find just the right one. That's why I decided to start offering my own web hosting. I'll take care of all the setup, the initial domain name purchase and anything else that it takes to get you up and running online. After that, you get to decide how dependant you want to be with me. Check out the hosting plans below:

DIY Plan - I'll setup your web hosting server, cover the costs of buying a single domain name for you for the year, and get you up and running so that you can begin either setting up the site yourself or if you paid for my design/development services, I'll make sure those are working out of the box too. You as the client are responsible for doing everything else. After all, it is do-it-yourself! $7-Monthly/$84-Yearly

Hands Off Plan - I'll set up your hosting, domain name, and everything else for you as well as doing all of the server managing and updates. $20-Monthly/$240-Yearly

Domain Management - Just need me to take care of the domain for you? With this plan I'll ensure everything with your domain is taken care of so that it runs smoothly. $1.50-Monthly/$18-Yearly

» Computer / Server Building

Computer / Server BuildingIf you're looking to self host your web site or if you just want a new computer, then look no further. As a computer science graduate, I'm no stranger to the inner workings of a computer. The great thing about building a PC or server yourself is that you get to decide what functionality and features you want in it. I've built several of my own using high quality components and my machines are built to be upgraded when components become outdated. This allows you to add neccessary upgrades without replacing the entire computer.

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